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Ready to Place an Order?

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions by first-time TT Pottery Customers.

Why Order From TT Pottery?
At TT Pottery, we believe in providing garden centers with premium pottery at the lowest rate in the industry while maintaining the widest selection available. In addition to our factory direct shipping and made-to-order products, we also offer the following services:

  • Factory Direct Prices: Most wholesale companies have a middleman. Since we ship direct from our factory to your garden center, you can pass the savings on to your customers.

  • Free Pre-Pricing Labels: Printing labels can be time-consuming and costly. For this reason, our factories offer free pre-pricing labels on every item in your order.

  • Multiple Store Drop Packing: Do you need products sent to multiple stores from one shipping container? We can pack your container for different stores, making it easy to arrange multiple drops.

  • Pallet Color Matching Options: We offer a second color choice every six additional sets, up to two colors per pallet. 

  • Professional Customer Support: Our team has over two decades of combined experience helping customers through the logistics of wholesale pottery orders.

  • Low Minimum Order Requirements: Made-to-order wholesale products require a minimum order limit. While most wholesalers request a minimum order amount of 50 sets or more per style, at TT Pottery we only require a minimum order of 6 sets per style.

How Do I Order From TT Pottery?

  • Browse the available products in our Collection Catalogs

  • Select the style, color, and quantity of the pallets you want to order. This information is labeled next to each product in the catalog.

    • For example, if you wanted to order six sets of the Angkor Noodle Pot in marble green listed on page 4 of our catalog, you would write the pallet quantity, "3," the item number "8798" and the color code number "E43." Send us this list of items through our contact page, live chat, or by calling TT Pottery at (512) 914-4685.

  • Create an invoice.

  • Send the invoice to our team. We will get back to you with your quote as soon as possible.

What Happens After I Send My Order?

  • We will send you a proforma invoice with the total amount and product pictures for review. If needed, our staff can make any changes before finalizing your order.

  • After you have confirmed your order and paid a deposit for 30% of the total invoice quote, we begin preparing your container.

  • Our factories produce the products, ship a container or containers and then send a commercial invoice to request the balance of the order. 

  • After our container arrives at a U.S. port, you will be able to make a payment to the shipping agent.

  • A shipping company will call you to set a delivery time. Afterward, our container will be delivered to your store to be unloaded.

What is the Minimum Order Amount?
Each of our factories is independent, and the minimum order per factory is one 40 ft. container. The minimum order amount is based on the number of sets and the number of full pallets:

  • Minimum Set Quantity Order Requirement: Depending on the style of pottery, each pallet will contain a different quantity of sets per pallet. The minimum order amount for any style of pottery is 6 sets or half a pallet, whichever is greater. Our catalog lists the number of sets in each pallet.

    • For example, if you wanted to order the Dimple Planter, product number 8959 on page 12 of our catalog, the minimum order is one pallet since there are 8 sets in one pallet. Alternatively, if you wanted to reach the minimum order for our Noodle Pot planter, product number 8261 on page 4 of our catalog, you would need to order one and one-half pallet. This is because one pallet contains 4 sets, so a half pallet is required for our factory to reach its minimum set requirement of 6. Finally, if you wanted to order a pallet that contains many sets, the minimum order requirement may be one-half pallet. For example, if you wanted to order our Classic Wedge Planter on page 22 of our catalog, item number 8081 which contains 18 sets, you could request a half pallet containing 9 sets and satisfy our factory's minimum set order requirement.

  • Minimum Pallet Quantity Order Requirement: Pallet sizes vary by the style of pottery. For a 40-foot shipping container, our minimum order requirement is 20 to 24 pallets, depending on style.

Can I Order Wholesale Without a Container?
All wholesale orders with TT Pottery are shipped in containers. If you are looking for a wholesale order without a container, please contact our business partners at They offer wholesale prices, local pickup, and freight shipping to garden centers and wholesale distributors across the United States.


If you have further wholesale questions, please see our FAQ page.

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